An Industry fit for the digital age 

The world is changing rapidly and the European digital sector is playing catch up with China and the US. A new EU industrial strategy is on the horizon. This discussion will focus on the role of digital transformation in achieving Europe’s goals and on how the digital sector can help achieve them. How can European industry succeed globally? And what social challenges need to be addressed as a priority? 


Harnessing Artificial Intelligence
in the interest of the people


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already playing a large part in people’s lives. Behind every modern software application advanced algorithms and data analysis are at play. As the use of AI increases, so do the opportunities for European businesses and citizens. But it also creates challenges for our regulators. This discussion will focus on how to build trust and security without sacrificing European competitiveness

Digital solutions for the Green Deal 

Digital technologies have tremendous potential to help Europe to achieve its climate goals. With the right policies and enough investment, they could enable a 20% reduction in global CO2 emissions by 2030. In this panel we will discuss the specific role that digital technologies can play in achieving the transition to a carbon neutral circular economy. 


Digital 2040: the next 20 years of European digital innovation


A lot has changed in the last 20 years – much of it driven by new technologies. In this panel we turn our attention to the next two decades: what can we expect in terms of future innovation? How will it change our citizens’ lives? What are the ethical boundaries? Are we investing sufficiently in the right areas to make sure Europe is leading this transformation?


The Masters of Digital is Europe's largest digital policy conference gathering over 400 senior representatives from the digital technology world as well as leading political figures.


Phil Hogan 
EU Commissioner for Trade

Mariya Gabriel 
EU Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education & Youth


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17:50 - 19:00

Networking cocktail


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